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International Modern Art Austria Biennale

International Modern Art Austria Biennale

The curatorship of MAMAG Modern Art Museum has decided to network the artistic life in and outside Austria, make the audience attention on new talented artists to show how modern art is changing.

For the concept was selcted the historic castle Hubertendorf, which serves as a perfect culture place.

Castle Hubertendorf deemed in hotspot for art and culture in Europe and, with its central location right on the A1 an ideal place of International Modern Art Austria Biennale.

The International Modern Art Austria Biennale will take place on 14-30 August on 15 - 18 hour 2015 MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Hubertendorf Castle.

MAMAG Modern Art Museum
Schloss Hubertendorf
Schloss Hubertendorf 32
A-3372 Blindenmarkt

Herr Heinz Playner
Tel: +43 664 2142 885

Art in Austria: International Modern Art Austria Biennale im MAMAG Modern Art Museum in Österreich International Modern Art Austria Biennale: Künstler


International Modern Art Austria Biennale in MAMAG Modern Art Museum.

22.July 2015

Blindenmarkt / Castle Hubertendorf. The MAMAG Modern Art Museum in castle Hubertendorf presents international masters of the art scene in the context of the "International Modern Art Biennale Austria". The Biennale opens on 14 August 2015 by 19 clock. Visitors can expect an interesting opening program with many guests from politics, culture and economy. International artist Sameer Hazari from India, Angela Saavedra from Colombia, Marlen Peix from Germany, from Italy Edyta Wachowicz travel personally and will speak with guests about their art style, art and artistic thoughts.

The world wide known Pop Art artist Tanja Playner, LAbg. Michaela Hinterholzer, Irmgard Kronsteiner from the "Alexanderhof" represent the charity project "Pop Art for Children". Accompanied the opening of young talents from the children's choir from Ferschnitz.

From the 15th of August, the exhibition is open daily 15 to 18 clock until 30 August. Visitors of the "International Modern Art Austria Biennale" will have the opportunity to see great motifs that experience recall Hundertwasser from Christos Eliades, soulful art on fabrics, the bonding of women with nature, by Doctor in Contemporary Art Giuliana Maddalena Fusari from Italy, to see the full harmony discreet images live with strange color conversion and minimalism of lines of Angela Saavedra from Colombia. The Netherlands was also known as the land of great art talents like Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The MAMAG Modern Art Museum presents at the Biennale also works of art from the internationally renowned painter Frans Bleiji from Netherlands with its fixing and charming designs. Also on show are new works of art of the Austrian "Andy Warhol" - the Russian-born and living in Austria Pop Art artist Tanja Playner. Also popular are the artworks from Tanja Playner in UK Great Britain. One of her new artworks was published in the British VOGUE in August 2015.

International Modern Art Austria Biennale will take place from 14 to 30 August. Opening times: daily 15 to 18 clock. Vernissage is on 14 August by 19 clock. Admission is free.

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