MAMAG Modern Art Museum
Castle Hubertendorf Schloss Hubertendorf 1 3372 Blindenmarkt Austria office@mamag-museum.com +43 (0) 664 2142 885
Art Museum near Vienna, located between Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Vienna MAMAG Modern Art Museum exhibit contemporary art in Vienna / Austria, Paris / France, Cannes / France, Basel / Switzerland, castle Hubertendorf / Austria
MAMAG Modern Art Museum, the global contemporary, modern art museum, located in the historical noble castle Hubertendorf in Lower Austria between Vienna, St. Pölten and Salzburg
14 - 16 June 2019 during Art Basel art week
Artists of the 2nd International Fine Art Biennale Basel Tanja Playner Alexandra Arata Howard Harris Katerina Panagiotopoulou Christin Ohlin Sign Kin Claudia Pombo FANT Wenger Leticia Varela Galyna Moskvitina Erica Fromme Wendy Yeo Lili (Ljiljana Burcul Lilly) Shima Shanti Sanghamitra Basu Gunilla Klemendz Zdenka Palkovic Satoko Shinke Hsiau Jungching Marta Manduca Johannes Jacobus Blom Margaretha P. Elfstrand Aprajita S. Chadha Pari Ravan Xusca Sole Paul Satheesh Tadas Zaicikas Kalin Luy Ken Pavel Proskuriakov Elena Papernaya Ingrid Solesvik Dominique Meunier Sisko Linnea Bo Song Kay Griffith Karol McQuade Mariesa Ciullo Maurizio Iazeolla Shahrzad Nikzad Aurelia Chloe Carla Kleekamp Sandrine Langlade Monique Heubel Alain Rousseau Sebastian Frederic
International Fine Art Biennale Basel is a Museum-quality exhibition curated by the MAMAG Modern Museum in collaboration with the PAKS Gallery, with prizes awarded to artists in various categories. The exhibition allows the presence of all artistic directions. The focus of the Biennale is on painting, sculpture, mixed media, works on paper and digital art, which is professionally curated to give the viewer an overview of the movement of the contemporary art scene. Visitors have the opportunity to see works of art from South Korea to Brazil, from USA to France, from Great Britain to Singapure, to get involved in changing modern cultures, styles and artistic expressions. The presence of artworks allows the viewer to convey the greatest possible artistic impact. Contemporary art collectors, Curators and visitors will be able to see the works of established and emerging artists.
Grand Hotel Euler Salon Rouge & Wiener Saal Visit the International Fine Art Biennale Basel from 14 to 16 June 2019 www.fineartbiennalebasel.com
14 June 2019 - Vernissage To register for the vernissage, please contact us: office@fineartbiennalebasel.com 15 June 2019: 11 - 17 hours 16 june 2019: 11 - 15 hour