The MAMAG Modern Art Museum is a private museum of modern and contemporary art in Lower Austria between Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Wels and Munich. The core collection of the Mamag Museum consists of original artwork by the Pop Art artist Tanja Playner. The MAMAG Modern Art Museum creates an international dialogue between art collectors and artists, as well as allowing visitors an overview of the global art market of modern art. In regularly changing temporary exhibitions, the MAMAG Museum shows the art of emerging as well as established artists from all over the world. Exhibitions include photographic art, modern paintings, prints, lithographs, sculptures, mixed media of contemporary art and pop art. In addition to the exhibitions in the museum location in Vienna through numerous collaborations, the museum allows international artists to exhibit their art in several global exhibitions. International Fine Art Cannes Biennial (France), International Contemporary Art Biennale Basel (Switzerland), International Fine Art Austria Biennial (Austria), participation in the art fair in the Carrousel du Louvre Paris (France), exhibitions in castle Hubertendorf (in cooperation with MOCAMAG Museum) are part of international exhibitions organized by MAMAG Modern Art Museum. In addition to the exhibitions, the museum publishes art books on international artists with the Enblick in the art market. Visit our actually exhibition, organized in cooperation with MOCAMAG Museum in castle Hubertendorf. Classical, charming, and lavishly furnished rooms of Hubertendorf Palace combined with modern art immerse the visitor in the art world of contemporary art. The surroundings of Hubertendorf Castle allow a pleasant atmosphere between 13th century architecture and the spirit of modern art from around the world. The exhibition is located on the first floor of Hubertendorf Palace.
MAMAG Modern Art Museum
Visit actually exhibition in Castle Hubertendorf Schloss Hubertendorf 1 3372 Blindenmarkt Austria +43 (0) 664 2142 885
Art Museum in Vienna, located between Munich, Salzburg, Prague MAMAG Modern Art Museum exhibit contemporary art in Vienna / Austria, Paris / France, Cannes / France, Basel / Switzerland, castle Hubertendorf / Austria
MAMAG Modern Art Museum, the global contemporary, modern art museum, located in Vienna Visit actually exhibition in the historical noble castle Hubertendorf in Lower Austria between Vienna, St. Pölten and Salzburg
ARE YOU AN ARTIST and would like to exhibit your art in MAMAG Modern Art Museum or participate in contemporary art exhibitions, Biennials and Art Fairs in Paris and Cannes / France, Basel /Switzerland, Vienna / Austria, Munich / Germany feel free to contact our curators with your biography, artist statement and some images of your artworks
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